Thursday, September 9, 2010

Who Dat?

Can the Who Dat nation pull the Saints to Victory?  I know we all hope so.... well all of us except Austin (one of our dedicated high school students).  There is a little wager that if the Vikings win by 14 points, Michael Frierson has to do the workout Murph (1mile run, 100pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 squats, 1mile run).  If the Saints win by 14... Austin has to do murph.  Sit on the edge of your couch boys!!! Its a close game!

The workout today was really really... well... difficult.  Looking at a workout like today's that only contains 3 movements, your confidence rises and looks forward to a "short" workout.  However, those dang double unders can become very very tiresome and difficult!  I challenge all of you to work on your double unders every day you are in the gym.  Believe me, when it comes to double unders, practice really does make perfect!

Shout Outs:  Whitney Dyess had her 21st birthday yesterday... and then showed up to the gym today!  Talk about dedication...  Her brother, Hunter nailed a 40lb PR on the back squat today.  Nice work man!  Angie Elias aka Mini,  started nailing consecutive double unders today in the workout.  Nancy Pants absolutely murdered the workout today.  Great job girl!  Kellar also set a new PR today by hitting 40 consecutive double unders today!  Last but not least, Cindy Armstead, a personal client of mine ran her first mile for time today.  Let me preface the announcement of her time with this:  Cindy is like me... she hates running.  When she first started at Versus, she didn't make it 200m without stopping to walk.  Well, talk about improvement and putting a "stamp on it"... HELLO 9:25!  Very proud of her and everyone of our clients.  If you want to change your life through fitness step into our doors.  I know you know someone that needs to be in our gym.  Someone that got a bad health report from the doctor, or someone that has always struggled with weight etc... Don't be scared to tell them to stop by and get started!!!

Warmup: Warm up of the week

Str: Off Day

Workout:  5Rounds for time
40 double unders
30 box jumps
20 Kbs.

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