Tuesday, September 7, 2010



Hope everyone had a great Holiday!  I would like to extend a heart felt "Welcome Back" to the Griz.  Boy have we missed you.  On the same note, well sorta, there have been some of you guys whose attendance hasn't been up to par.  Please don't make me call you out on the blog or on Facebook.  I have been known to make a face book fan page for people...

warm up

Str: dead lift, lunges, goblet squat

workout:  Spin Off

run 400m, max set of db shoulder press, run 400m, max set, of pull ups, run 400m, max set of push ups, run 400m, max set of kbs... repeat this sequence for 25min.

Quote of the day:  There were many but this is the one i remember, "My legs feel like the are freaking paralyzed."

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