Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Restaurants in the Dirty Burg

What are some good choices?  Here goes my list:

 1. Caliente: Get the salad, stay away from cheese, sour cream and ranch.  Use salsa and guac as your dressing.  Also, sneak over there for breakfast... its the bomb.

2.  Stone Walls or Dickeys BBQ:  Go easy on the BBQ sauce and only get green beans as a side.  If you get chicken you'll need to remove the skin.

3.  Subway:  If you must get a sandwich, get rid of some of the bread.  Get the Sunrise Subway Melt on flat bread, with no cheese and egg whites.  Take the egg omelet out of the bread and just eat it.  IT IS AWESOME.  Load it up with any of their veggies.

4.  Poboy Express:  Did you know that you can get any of their Subs as a salad?  I get the Grilled Chicken club on a regular basis.  I tell them to hold the cheese and the croutons.  It is amazing.

5.  Willy T's:  Get 8 grilled chicken tenders and a large water.  Tell them no sauce, or get mustard... NOT HONEY MUSTARD.

6.  Chick- Fil-a:  Grilled Chicken nuggets and a Fruit Cup and large water.

7.  Wendy's: Large Chili

8.  Smoothie King: Ask for a Vanilla Lean One with NO BANANA.  Then ask if they will use one scoop of lean one protein and one scoop of gladiator protein.  If you do not do this, the smoothie will have over 10grams of sugar.

9.  Crescent City Grill:  Grilled Chicken and Steamed Veggies.   I am pretty sure it is called the Pick Three.  Spinach, Asparagus and Broccoli----- ummm yeeesss please.

10.  Papitos:  YOU HAVE TO LAY OFF THE CHIPS AND SALSA.  If you know you can not do this... don't go to a Mexican restaurant.  If you survive the Chips and Salsa sneak attack then get the Fajitas, No tortillas no rice add extra beans.

If you choose to go out to eat in the Dirty Burg during our 6 week challenge  KNOW I will be on the look out for you!  Stay away from mystery salad dressings, bread, and other no no's that you KNOW are not good for you.  You can make it 6 weeks.  There is NO DOUBT!

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