Sunday, October 7, 2012

Black Book Challenge

Here is the Low Down:

1.  We will weigh in this week.  This is mandatory!  If you want to take your own before and after photo or pick a pair of pants you want to fit in as a rule of measurement have at it!

2.  This Challenge is Free.

3.  I will consistently update this blog site with diet info, sample meal plans, etc...

4.  This entire challenge is geared around weight loss.

Here are some general guidelines:

1.  Meat and Veggies, some fruit.  No doctor in the world will tell you to stay away from meat and veggies.  So if you think this is the same old song and dance that you hear at the gym... it is.  However,  I will stay on top of you via your food journal.  If you are already planning on cheating 3 days a week this challenge probably isn't for you.  If you are already getting creative about the excuses you are going to use: work, late night, hard day, etc etc etc... this might not be for you.

2.  Extra Cardio is a must.  Interval Format only (run hard for 30 sec jog slowly for 1min do this for 10-15 min).  I know you might have heard that running for 30hrs will burn more calories, or whatever but lets keep this simple, ok?

3.  Will Power is crucial.  However, it takes time to develop will power!  So lets practice this strategy: Don't put bad food around you!  If you have bad food in your home, eventually you WILL eat it.  You don't see folks bringing Beer to an AA meeting just to test self discipline do ya?  Do not try and test your will power at the end of a long day of work... make "Home" your safe place.

Those are some of the basics.  I will make a "kitchen make over" post Monday with even more info.

- Make a change, not an excuse.   

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