Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cooking Classes with Coach Jeri

Here is a Recap of the Cooking Night Coach Jeri Hosted with her AT class:

We started with paleo egg muffins & a sausage & veggie frittata w/goat cheese. Big flavor & fewer calories than most cheeses!

Snack time was next...craving gummy candy or need something to snack on in a movie? Try all natural buddy fruit, fruit crunches, or cinnamon apple chips-no sugar added dried fruit snacks fill that crunching desire if you want chips.

We rolled banana sushi in roasted pecans and almond butter. The key is to always roast your nuts (keep your mind out of the gutter!). It brings out the flavor. I usually do 375* for 7 minutes but ovens vary. Sliced apples and almond butter also makes a great snack and easy to grab as you're walking out of the house.*paleo friendly snack

Grape tomato & basil skewers with balsamic drizzle. You can add mozzarella balls if you are eating cheese. If not, I like with just tomatoes too.

Make your own salad dressings! It's easy and you can control ingredients, add more of whichever flavors you like the most. (Like more tang-add more vinegar. Desire sweeter-experiment with a different oil like grapeseed oil.)

Next, we roasted asparagus in the oven. You can do almost any veggie this way. Add a little olive oil, salt & pepper to ziplock bag and shake it up. (Tosses evenly and doesn't call for as much oil leaving vegetables less soggy and keeping from sitting in oil as they cook.)

Seared tuna filets-these come in a bag individually packaged from SAMs. You can get fresh of course, but this is my go to when I get off work and am hungry at 6:30. The recipe on the back is fabulous. It calls for fresh ginger, rice wine, soy sauce, and scallions. Sear to your desire and cook sauce for 1 min and pour on top. It literally takes 10 min to prepare & cook!

Chicken, steak, and veggie kabobs-choose whatever vegetables you wish and add to skewer. I marinated chicken in olive oil beforehand & seasoned with thyme, oregano, salt & pepper. Great for tailgating, barbecues with friends or Sunday prep days.

Dessert-paleo friendly date balls:
I was eating larabars (fruit and nuts only) when I was doing paleo. I tried to make my own and liked them better. There are tons of ideas on pintrest. We made pecan pie (dates & roasted pecans), cashew cookie (dates & cashews), & chocolate coconut chew. This is my fave and reminds me of a Girl Scout Samoa cookie. It's sweet from dates so only add nuts (I used pecans and almonds), unsweetened cocoa powder, a little coconut milk, and roll in unsweetened coconut flakes.

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