Friday, January 14, 2011


thursday:  This is for Greg

25 renegade man makers
50 deadlift
50 box jump
50 push up
50 floor wipers
50 clean and press
25 pull up
row 1000m

Friday:  Fun partner WOD.  I got called a lot of names for making this one up... it was fun though.  Snatches, walking lunges, and rowing.  Row Row Row your boat! 

So Most of you guys have been to the gym 3 times this week!  AWESOME!  To follow this good news... I am going to drop some bad news on ya.  You have been in the gym for only three hours this week.  If you goal is weight loss, I am going to be honest with ya... 3 hours just in the gym, without constant nutritional attention will not get you the weight loss you desire.  On your days off I would highly recommend doing some extra activity.  Yoga, running, biking, boxing, swimming, whatever... or try a sport or activity you have never tried before!  We will be open Saturday 10-12.  COME SEE ME!

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