Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good Places to Eat

warm up: Row, then body weight complex

str: off day

workout: Make up day or row, kbs, and sit up.  The rain caused us to mix the workout up for our later classes however the morning classes got AFTER IT taking advantage of the cool air and no rain.

This question was brought up in one of our boot camps tonight, "So, where are some good places in town to eat?"  By good the person meant healthy... so here is a list of some of my favorite places to go that I KNOW I can get some food that isn't going to throw me off my nutritional wagon.

1. Subway.  I get breakfast from there a few days a week.  Sometimes I get it with bread sometimes I dont.  I get the sunrise subway melt with no cheese and I add all the veggies they allow.  I'll also get the double bacon egg and cheese or the western egg and cheese AGAIN NO CHEESE!  Lunch is always a salad with double meat, chicken.  If i get dressing, which I dont usually, I get the fat free honey mustard or sweet onion.

2. KFC- Yeah, you heard me.  Get the chicken grilled and get a side of green beans.  NO BISCUIT!

3.  Crescent City Grill-  They have a pick three of pick two option on the menu that is freaking awesome.  I get grilled chicken and two or three veggies.  TONS of food!

4.  Caliente Grill-  Charles is a member of our gym, he owns the joint.  If he is behind the line serving do not be afraid to ask him what is the most healthy option.  I always get a salad or burrito bowl with the following: black beans, NO RICE, half chicken, half steak, pico, hot salsa, guacamole, sometimes the fat free lime vinaigrette, NO CHEESE, NO SOUR CREAM, NO RANCH.  These two choices helped me lose 40lbs.

5.  Smoothie King-  I used to work there for 6 yrs.  In my 6 years there I saw many many customers getting the strawberry shredder with washed strawberries, the small size, with added splenda.  There are many great choices there, however, you have to watch out for sugar!  That is why I always stick with the shredder.

6.  Any steak house or restaurant in Hattiesburg with give you a cut of meat with some veggies.  However, you have to be particular about how you order it.  If you are serious, take the time to order the veggies without butter!  The steak with out the baked potato!

I'm outta ideas this second.  Feel free to add ideas to the comments.  I could be missing something!

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Christian J. Corral said...


Awesome post as always. I have a question...what if we AREN'T trying to lose bodyfat?

If our main goal is to gain strength and get to 225 bench, 275 squat, and 300 dead lift in 2011...how and what should we be eating?


Kimberly Roberts Moore said...

Thanks for helping #1!!!!!!

versussuccessstories said...


I am always about increasing performance. What I did to gain muscle mass with out gaining fat was this:

I ate around my body weight in grams of protein a day. I weighed 185 so i tried to get in 185grams.

I added a little bit(a full glass) of dairy, whole or 2% milk to my diet and it was always post workout. Your body is always sensitive to carbs after a workouts and the sugars in milk will literally help shuttle protein into the cell.

Carbs: I still kept those clean by eating fruits and veggies and staying away from pastas and breads and rice.

Fats: Nuts, seeds, avocado, milk, bacon, country ham, etc...

The biggest thing is to make sure we are hitting those lifts and we are doing that. I won't let you down!

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