Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.... like whoa.

Monday was rough.  All the movements were totally doable with the rep scheme provided, but the combo was just really really hard!  Pull ups, thrusters, wallball, kbs, and box jumps are nasty nasty nasty.

Tuesday: Tons of lunging with an unbalanced load was challenging for some and a breeze for others.  We threw in some push ups and some lunges for good measure.

Wed:  Today's workout should have shown you how far you have come or how much we have left to go.  1min of sprint rowing followed by 1min of high jump burpees.  Guys, some of the girls beat you on the rower... try 301meters in 1min.

What does thursday have in store?  Guess you will need to show up to find out.  I'll be at the gym waiting to share the fitness with ya!

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