Sunday, October 24, 2010


This weekend was a busy weekend for Versus Strength and Conditioning.  We had our first outdoor workout, which I consider a complete success!  We met at the Jackson Road Station of Rails to Trails and did a running and kettle bell workout.  We will continue to host these outdoor workouts every saturday until the weather gets too cold (which looks like it will never happen).

I am going to take a minute to brag on one of my personal clients.  Cindy walked in the door a few months back, and I could tell she was ready to change her life.  On her first visit we chit chatted a little bit, which honestly was a little one sided because I tend to be really excited about baptizing new people in what we do.   I asked her if she played any sports in high school or college, "Basketball".  YES!  I knew we would get along just fine.

In the months to follow I watched her go from struggling through a 400m run, to running a sub 10minute mile.  She set many other personal records along the way: rowing a 8:16 2000m, doing kipping pull ups in the green band, dead lifting 200lbs but my personal favorite was the change in the little things she said.  "Cindy you can walk if you need to on this las...."  I AM NOT WALKING!  "You just tell me what to do and I'll do it.  Don't tell me how much it weighs, just tell me to pick it up."  So all these accomplishments in our little warehouse gym reaffirmed in her, "I want to do a triathlon."  My first thought was, "She is crazy".  My second thought was,  I can't let her do it alone.  So, I signed up to do the Mighty Magnolia Triathlon because I wanted to be there to tell her, "Pick it up."  Well, her work schedule interfered with the Triathlon so I guess better luck next year...  Hardly.  This Saturday she swam 600m at the wellness center, then rode 16.2 miles on the trace and then ran 3.1 miles.  Triathlon... Check.  I can not tell you how proud I am of you girl.

Another girl that we are super proud of is Jill Duckworth.  Jill came to us about 6-8months ago and wanted to get in shape for a pageant.  I think I tuned out the fact that it was the Miss Mississippi pageant.  Over the next few months,  Jill worked her tail off in the gym.  She left us and traveled to Vicksburg to compete in the pageant.  As a first year competitor Jill won the swim suit portion and also won first runner up... A HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT.  This past Saturday she competed in the Miss USM pageant and won.  Guess Vicksburg will see her again this year... go get em Jilly!

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