Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jack n the Box

Workout: row 1000m, 100 Double Unders, 30 Pull ups (Make chest touch the Bar).

In a few weeks,  I'll be adding folks to our success story page (with your permission of course).

We have TONS of people around the gym that have had BIG success with us at Versus Strength and Conditioning.  One thing that all of our successful clients do is:  Practice What We Preach

If you are a interested in losing the last 5-10lbs that stands between you and the coveted 6-pack but refuse to adhere to our strict nutrition standards... well... I can promise you, you will never get your 6-pack until you get your nutrition right.  Now before I get all you internet/keyboard samurai out there fired up, let me say this:  There are some exceptions to the rule.  God given genetics is one exception and the use of performance enhancing drugs is the other.

However, as I stated earlier, if you practice what we preach I can promise you positive results.  I have put 15-20lbs of muscle on people, taken 70-80lbs off people, put people through their first triathlon, and put people through their first 5k.  We get results out of people.  PERIOD.  If you can't get a pull up,  we'll provide the way if you provide the work.  If you want to be able to walk on your hands for 50ft, we will provide the way if you provide the work.  If you want to lose 50lbs, we will give you the nutrition plan to do it... but always remember this:  You can not out train a poor nutrition plan.

Whatever goal you may have I dare you to dump it on us and see if we can help you meet it.  Quit using lame excuses and get on the bus... or get left by it.

**Team workout friday!  Bring a partner!

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