Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Its Getting Hot in Here

... So...  Its sorta cold outside.

Heat Index today was 100+ today.  Make sure you are making an effort to stay hydrated throughout the entire day!  Do not try to drink a bottle of water before you hit the gym and think its going to be enough... believe me it won't be.

Today we worked on a lot of technique stuff with the dead lift, hang squat clean and the push jerk.  All of these movements are fun to do and easy to mess up.  Deadly combo if you ask me...  Remember one of our motto's is "Master the Basics".  You may not be super flashy, but honestly, being rock solid is better than being flashy every once in a while.

Workout: 3 rounds
5 dead lift
5 hang squat clean
5 push jerk
10 burpees
add weight at each round.

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