Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Warm up of the week

str: off day

Workout: 3 rounds of

30 kbs
25 wall ball
20 pull ups

3 rounds
20 situps
1 suicide

This was a tough little workout. We had some folks do really well in today's workout and some folks do really poorly in today's workout. What makes the difference in the people that consistently lay down great times and the people that hit and miss? Well, could be a few things: 1. Sleep. 2. Nutrition. 3. Will power.

1. If you do not rest adequately it is very hard to get your central nervous system to respond the way you want it too. A quote from one of my highschool clients this week, "I need 10-12 hrs to function normally. I mean seriously". Right after this statement was made, Dave "the bizzo" came in and said, "The military is a firm believer in 4hrs of sleep." So who is right? It can be a personal thing, like some people can function on much less sleep than others. From articles I have read, the majority of "sleep experts" say 8-9 hrs is absolutely optimal.

2. Last month I participated in a Triathlon. While preparing for this I tried my best to eat as clean as possible by eliminating bad carbs and alcohol. Along with your standard, swim, bike, run, training Michael and I did many interval and metabolic conditioning workouts. I set a personal record on my 2000m rowing time trial, and finally went sub 2 on a cf workout named fran. I credit all of this improvement to clean nutrition. Oh yeah and along the way i went from 195lbs to 181LBS.

3. Some days you just dont have the will power to perform your absolute best... I get it. Its on days like this that I ask myself, why am I here? The gym is like a home to me. I love being there. I love challenging myself. I love competing with my friends. I love encouraging people to be their best. More importantly, our gym is for 100% without a doubt making you more healthy. So remember always have a positive attitude, try your best because you are only making a positive impact on your life be showing up everyday! Another thing, the reason we make our workouts so hard are for a few reasons: 1.Intense workouts are scientifically proven to burn more fat and improve metabolic conditioning better than long slow workouts. 2. When you finish one of our workouts, you should feel accomplished. Hopefully you feel a sense accomplishment because lets be real... there aren't a whole lot of people out there that will push themselves so hard that they almost throw up.

NOVEMBER 20th is the ROTC Purple Heart 5k race. Sign up or be hated on by every person alive.

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