Friday, November 19, 2010

hi yall

Berg getting low!
well i took a week off from posting on the blog so i could work on another project i have going on. But we back in bidness baby!

this week was very very difficult. tuesday's workout of 1000m row then the 4 round barbell complex that followed was horrible. Then we did a CF workout consisting of 500 reps. Today's workout is not too bad, consisting of 3 rounds of 400m run, 20kbs, 12 pull up, 12 body weight bench press. Should be a lot of fun!

Tomorrow the gym will be open at 10am as usual. A lot of us are running in the Purple Heart 5k tomorrow that begins at 9am at USM's pride field. I think you should come out and support a good cause plus get some great exercise to start the weekend.

Well, Christmas music is already playing on the radio and star bucks has broken out the holiday cups. Guess its the holiday season already! It seems like just yesterday that we were complaining about the heat! With the holidays upon us it is easy to cast healthy living aside. I encourage you not to do so. A lot of you guys have worked so hard for all the accomplishments you have made. So if you mess up during this holiday season don't worry! you are only one meal away from being right back on the wagon. If you put one scratch on your car you wouldn't drive it off a cliff would you?

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