Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Its been a long time...

I shouldn't have left you, left with a dope beat to step too....

Yo!  Attention Versus Afternoon Clients:  We are busting at the seams during the afternoon (3-6pm) classes.  So, PLEASE do us a favor and starting coming on the hour for class. 3pm,4pm,5pm and 6pm are the class times that are open.  If you are late you will be asked to wait or will have to skip warm up and strength and hop right into a workout.  Please help us keep this stream lined, so we can all continue to get swole.

Ok.  Now onto business.  I have been away from the Blog world for a bit, due to this crappy job I have that keeps me busy all the time.  I work in a warehouse that doesn't have AC, I am on my feet for like 10hrs a day and when I get home, the guy I work for wants me to do more work on the computer.  So I told him, forget you man, I do what I want, you don't own me.... so I've been sleeping.  Standing up to the man... yeah...yeah... thats right...

:)  I will not recap all of the workouts that we have gone through, but I will recap this:  They have been really hard.  Synopsis:  go to the gates of hell on monday, wednesday and friday... wash rinse repeat on tuesday and thursday.  That sums up the month of june so far.  Agree?

Recently, we have been consistently visiting strength movements.  Why?  (high pitched voice)<--- To get stronger??? 


To steal a quote from a really cool dude with two first names (Dan John), "Strength is the glass that everything gets poured into."  Quick question... Where do you stand on this statement?

When I think about this quote I get a vivid mental picture.  What I see is a tall pint glass.  One that you get an adult beverage in.  I picture that glass on a mahogany bar.  Next, a stainless steal metal water pitcher with condensation built up on the outside.  A mysterious hand picks up the pitcher and begins to pour the water... ok enough already you get the picture. 

If your pint glass has cracks in it, isn't big enough or has some type of design flaw... anything you try to pour in the glass will not stay in it.  So I look at strength as a safety net.  Strength gives you a firm foundation for which you can build anything.  So:  If you are strong, you can try just about anything.  If you are strong, you are harder to kill than weak people.  If you are strong generally more useful than weaker people.

But be warned.  Strength is earned.  It is not something you get overnight.  So be patient, keep picking up heavy things and putting them down, and NEVER EVER skip the basics of strength.

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