Tuesday, June 21, 2011

And Boom goes the dynamite

 Today A LOT of you guys really impressed me with how much progress you have made over the past year that we have been open.  Every time I turn around someone else is doing strict pull ups or throwing the wall ball over the 10 foot mark or running 400m without stopping.  When I see you guys make this kind of progress it makes so thankful to have all of you in the gym!  Thank you for all your hard work!

So far this week everyone has done a great job with coming on the hour and on the half hour.  I will get with each of you very soon to see which class times work out best for you.  Once you pick a class time you must try and stay with that class.  I know that life throws you curve balls sometimes and you'll be unable to make it to class "on time" but we have many other classes and boot camps that make it to a specific class time every night.  Honestly, its the only way that we can grow as a gym and continue to challenge you as clients. 

So,  I'm watching Rambo II right now on AMC.  I am adding it to my top 10 "Favorite Movie" list.  Seriously, whats not to love about this movie?  Guns, Russians, Guns, C-4 explosive arrows, Guns, Hijacking helicopters, More Guns... and last but not least EVERYONE wants to be ripped like Rambo.  That dude is super lean in the movie.  Rumor has it Stallone worked our for 8 months 4 hours a day to get ready for the film!  Now that is some dedication... but I guess that is what it takes to get RIPPED LIKE RAMBO! Keep up the hard work!!!  Get ready for a butt kicker tomorrow!

Here is a sneak peek of tomorrows action:

Str: Over head press work and side planks

3 power clean
6 push up
9 air squat        Reps and rounds TBA!

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