Thursday, June 23, 2011

Back in Black!

Do not forget that we will be hosting Sweat Box Yoga this Saturday @ 8am.  Come get your stretch on!!!

Today we did a little bit more single leg dominate work with some single arm rowing.  Its a good idea to address single leg work and single arm work.  Singles make sure to address any imbalances if you have any... I mean its cool to be the king of the barbell but everybody needs some maintenance here and there.

Workout: 15min Amrap of- 20 double unders, 10 pull ups, 5 man makers. 

Google man makers to get an idea of what they are.... there are many versions, just pick the one that is the hardest!

Fridays workout will be a challenge sooooooo be prepared!  If you want to know what it is you must come to the gym.

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