Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How to become Spectacular.

Here is my go to guide on becoming Spectacular.

1. Probably the most important step to truly becoming spectacular would be education.  Don't be afraid to educate yourself about everything!  Nutrition, Health and Wellness, Fitness, Life, Spirituality, Painting, Spanish, Molecular Biology, etc.  Having knowledge is freaking spectacular.  Buuuut, the scary thing about having knowledge is, its dangerous.  Once you have it you can't make the excuse of, "well I don't know what to do or how to do it".  So, if you aren't ready to really make some changes in your life, stay in the dark.  I totally advise against this because you will not become spectacular living in darkness.  Darkness is dumb.

2.  Secondly, determination is pretty spectacular.  Once you have knowledge, be determined to use it.  If you have a game plan, and then stick to it... its pretty hard to fail.  Well unless you have a crappy game plan like this one:  I wanted to buy a banana plantation in south america.  I needed a way to ship the bananas to the states.  So I priced huge tankers on the internet.  Ok, so have a laugh, we all know i can't afford a tanker, but even before the purchase of the tanker there was something in my way.  There are basically banana drug lords in south america.  So i would have needed AK-47's way before the tanker.  Trying to be determined before I had knowledge about the situation... not the smartest approach.

3.  Lastly, EGO.  Everyone has an Ego.  One of our sayings at the gym is, "Check your ego at the door."  The reason why we say that to some folks is simply because their ego might get in the way of their success in the gym.  Now, for other folks, we try to coax the little lion out of the proverbial cage because it will only make them happier and healthier.  A spectacular ego is one that is unafraid to do anything, unafraid to try your best and still finish last, unafraid to finish first, unafraid of what other people think.

This is only a little bit of my list... I think you should make your own, because being spectacular is... well... spectacular.

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