Thursday, October 20, 2011


Nice little recovery day at the gym today!

If you have not paid to be in the Fall Challenge YOU MUST DO SO by Saturday at 10am.  If you do not pay the entry fee, you will not be allowed to compete in the challenge.  Also, there are many of you that still need to complete the strength portion of the Challenge.  If you do not complete the strength portion you will not be eligible to compete in the strength category!  So, pay up and get the strength portion done homies!

Things to do outside of the gym:

  1. Extra Cardio.  It does not have to be super intense!  Feel free to ride your bike on the trace or go for a walk/jog.  If you are expending energy you are burning calories!
  2. If you are not taking a multivitamin please start taking one!  It's hard to get all the vitamins and minerals you need every day... so a multivitamin will help with this task.  
  3. You have heard me say this for 2yrs... Take Fish Oil!  Google the positive properties of Fish oil.  you will be amazed!
  4. In your "little black book" one of the bits of info says:  Take 20min to eat your meal.  Try it out!
  5.  Write your meals down in your black book!

Great first week!  Keep up the hard work!

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