Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sleepy TIme

What does sleep have to do with anything?

Well, sleep is a game changer.  Sleep helps you recover obviously but it also realigns and balances your hormones.

The more sleep you get... the healthier you will be, the skinnier you will be and the more "awesomer" you will be... thats a word right?

I do not practice what I'm about to tell you but I wish that I did... Take at least 1 hour before bedtime and turn off the TV.  Turn off the computer.  UNPLUG FROM THE WORLD! 

I do practice this:  Crank the Temp down to 68 and black out your entire bedroom.  No alarm clock right by your head radiating its bright red/green brilliance at your face all night.  Turn that sucker around or put a tee shirt in front of it or something.  I want your bed room to be a cold black sleep cave.

Friday will be loaded with FUN.  So be ready for a good workout!!!

Quick note before I check out:

It is very easy to change one thing about your diet at a time.  So here is one thing that you can change!

Eat more veggies!  Any type.  I do not care what type you eat.  Please eat more of em.  They love you.  You should love them.

You + Veggies = Awesomerness

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