Monday, October 31, 2011

Diet Tips

Weeeeelllll.... we are slowly but surely getting close to retest time for the Fall Challenge.

What are some good ways to walk away with the top Palace Pageant Prize?

1. Ask yourself, "Do you really need it?"  If I go to subway to get a breakfast sandwich or a salad the Sandwich Artist ask me, "Would you like chips and a drink with that?"  I always reply with no.  I know I do not need the bag of chips.  If I get a drink... i really want root beer or a coke.  So I avoid the option all together.

2.  Replace most if not all of your refined grains (breads, cereals, tortillas, chips, pasta) with green veggies.  You will get more fiber vitamins and minerals in your diet if you get rid of all those grains.  Also,  we have noticed that most if not everyone that attends the gym needs to eat more veggies!

3. Replace bad fats with good ones.  Olive oil, fish oils, avocado, nuts and seeds are better than dairy and other jazz.

4.  This one is simple but hard to do.  Eat less!  Take time eating your meals and cut the amount of calories that you eat.  Yes it is a challenge.  Yes it requires self discipline.  YES it is doable.  Keep eating frequently but cut the amount... you are only a few hrs away from your next meal.

5.  Have your biggest meal after your workout.  Your body is more efficient at using macro nutrients (carbs, pro and fat) after workouts.  Make the rest of your meals smaller and be super conscious of what being full really is!


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