Monday, April 11, 2011


Warm up: Body weight skills and drills

str: push, squat and pull

workout: 4 rounds of run, clean and press, k2e, burpees

Failure:  It happens right?  But what if we don't prepare for failure? What happens when it shows up?

Occasionally, I'll see folks post on their news letters, blogs, articles, public out cry for attention: here is what the Internet dictionary defines "said word" as.  Usually many many lines later, and you are only reading this garbage at this point because it is sort of like seeing a car accident (yes its a tragedy, but you can't look away because you want to see what bad thing happens next), the author bends this literal black and white definition of said word into whatever twisted, gray galaxy they want to take it.  Totally wrong in my opinion, especially when it is done poorly.

So what is failure? I guess I need to define failure, or let "the Internet" do it.  Or maybe, I'll tell you what it is, tell you how to deal with it and then give you a ten step process on how to handle your life once it leaves you!  Because I have the power to do that right?

Lets be honest with one another... we all know when we fail.  You don't need some Internet blogger, news paper writer, or columnist to lay a black and white definition on you.  Because we all know its more colorful than that...  We usually point the finger at someone else.  We try to cast blame so far away from ourselves because we are not prepared to deal with it.  Its a horrible feeling.  It sucks to let someone down.  It stinks letting yourself down.

So.  Just crawl up in a cave and die?  No.  When we play this game called life, you have got to understand that just by signing up to play, you have signed up to fail. - now that's being prepared.

Now, to me, failure does not include being unlucky enough to be born into a life where random external events always keep you from succeeding.  That's just life, not the definition of failure. -Life give you lemons right?

Just know that when you try something new you must be honest with yourself that the probability of you making small failures along the way are HIGH.  Remember it is about the ENTIRE journey... not just the pit stops.  When you fail, call it like you see it.  Don't point the finger some where else.  Deal with it right there.  Make a mental note-a physical note to outline how you failed and never make the same mistake twice. - that's what you do when it shows up.

Concentrate your energy on what you can do that will actually make a change instead of wallowing around in all the attractive emotional mud that is lying around.  Soldier on... don't make a status update about it.

This last part is from October 16th 2009 of this blog:

...will you fight or just lay down. Burn the oars, nuke the boat and strand yourself on the island. Only your best effort matters.

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