Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Year end review

First day...

I started today with some finishing touches of the gym remodel -thanks to everyone who helped.

Went to my parents and ate black eyed peas, cabbage, corn bread and ribs (wealth, health and RIBS).

Now, I'm sitting on the couch with my feet propped up on the coffee table.  My legs are crossed and Brody (my loyal steed aka our dog) is snuggled up on top of my out stretched legs.  The Tostitos Bowl game is on in the back ground but the volume is turned down to a low hum.

Awesome way to start 2014.

2013 was an awesome year.  I will only speak to the gym/business side of the year because... well... its the muscle palace blog!

Versus has gone bananas.  We started 2013 in the old liberty place location.  Man, I'll miss that little hole in the wall.  We moved from 1800sqft, thats being generous, to a whopping 9,000 sqft.  We've added barbells, weights, ropes, ASTRO TURF, pull up bars, and some other cool stuff.

The most important thing that we have added is people.  Versus indoor and outdoor is busting at the seems with nearly 300 members (293 to be exact.)

-I am one humbled dude.

People are awesome.  I have learned so much from every single person involved with Versus.  I know that I haven't met each and every one of you, but I have still learned something from you.

I've learned that people aren't totally focused on whats on magazine covers.

"20 ways to lose 20lbs."

"10 ways to a bigger bench press."

"One workout that will solve all your weight loss problems."

I think, Versus folks believe its deeper than cliches, magazine titles and fads.  You guys and gals have made the gym about life style change.  The reason I know?  Clients sign up month after month, stay with us year after year, go to class in 20 degree weather, come to the gym on a football game day, volunteer your time to help with challenges and move the gym... the list goes on.

You suffer through some tough workouts all in the name of fitness?

- No.

You suffer through tough workouts, eat clean, and bust your ass because it has become a part of your life.  You have changed!

Change is not to be feared.  Welcome it.

If you want to make a change with us in the new year I want to give you a little advice I have learned from our members.

Have you ever tried to change things all at once?  I have.  It is overwhelming.  I do an awesome job the first 2 to 3 weeks and then my motivation runs thin.  I slip back into my comfortable ways and justify why I stopped my change.  Its a vicious cycle.

Real change, well what I've learned from viewing our community, is about baby steps.  One thing at a time.  Heck, one of our first goals we share with clients is:  Come to the gym or SHOW UP!  Little by little, inch by inch we move forward.

All of those little changes add up.  One pound lost turns to three pounds lost, one pull up turns to three pull ups, one mile run turns into your first 5k.

In a good community, led by good coaches you'll look back after a few months and notice something.  Successes, that at first seemed impossible and daunting are now goals you've already accomplished.  You are now standing on a mountain of small successes.  How's the view?

Ask yourself this, " If you could change one small thing, what would it be?"

In 2014 let us know about your one small change.  It really helps to be surrounded by like minded folks and coaches going after the same thing.

We would love to offer our help.

Thanks for an awesome year Versus folks.  Its time to lay the smack down in 2014!  Are you ready?

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