Friday, January 17, 2014

I AM VERSUS 2014 Teams

Welcome aboard the I AM VERSUS 6 Week Challenge!


The Challenge Starts Monday January 20th!!!

What does that actually mean?   -You need to email your coach ASAP!  Why?  They will generate a Team Roster and begin to send you all the information you need to know to score points for your team.

Coaches Emails:

Here are the Teams:

Team Steve

Jana Creely
Anna Gaston
Amy Miller
Terri Bell
Meredith West
Amy Arrington
Lisha Turner
Megan Frierson
Teresa Melton
Kristie Brewer
Phyllis Seal
Anne Turner
Alisia Hansel

Team Michael

Mary Polk
Jason Hargrove
Amanda Gunnufsen
Wendy Lovelace
Jacquelyn Allen
Stacy Cox
Samantha Mccain
Becky Ladd
Tyler Ladd
Alex Bradley
Anna Britt
Rick Bray
Whitney Walton
John Herrington

Team Kellar

Suzannah Ledford
Lindsey Maddox
Jennifer Headley
Katie Walker
Brittany Price
Amanda Lee
Shane Fortenberry
Paul Lucas
Kristie Hardy
Molly Egloff
Will Miller
Amanda Cascio
Kimberly Eddie

Team Jamie

Davis Carothers
Sabrina Cooper
Jennie Mcraney
Holli Anna Munna
Mandy Strickland
Amber Williams
Katie Giust
Deedra Coll
Rae Herring
Lyn Bell
Angie Vann
Holly Byrd
Katelyn Stafford

Team Nathan

Lindsey Mccormick
Sarah Lott
Jen Phillipi
Lindsey Lewis
Jamie Keeton
Nicole Hererra
David Laughlin
Summer Diaz
Aaron Ryals
Logan Williams
Brandon Pitts
Chris Roberts
Danielle Bishop

Good Luck.  May the odds be ever in your favor!

ps. If i misspelled your name please forgive me.

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