Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Diet and Fitness

"A diet can change the number on the scale but true fitness can change your life"

Whats more important?  I'm a guy and I'll go out on a limb and speak for the majority of the male population out there but I suspect that dudes do not step on the scale more than once every 3-5 days or so (if I'm wrong let me know and I will make an addendum).

Women, well from my experience, weigh almost daily and some times more.  Again, if I am wrong please send me an email and i'd be glad to edit edit edit!

Is it bad to weigh everyday?  Is it bad to go almost a week without checking your weight?  Let me address both questions this way:

  1. How do you look in the mirror?  If you are happy with how you look, then i really don't care what number is on that little digital devil.
  2. How do you feel?  Are you depressed?  Do you sleep well at night?  Are you a happy person to be around?  Are you a glass half full type person or are things always empty?  If the scale isn't saying what you want it to say, that little number could have a huge impact on your day.
  3. How do you perform?  If you currently exercise, how do you feel when you do it?  Are you getting better or worse?  If you don't exercise (you should start immediately) do you get winded walking up a set up stairs?  If you had to depend on your fitness in a life threatening/saving situation would it step up to the plate or sit in the dug out?
To address the quote up there at the top (I tend to get a little off track from time to time) I'd like to say this:

Diets are fads.  Programs are fads.  Choosing true fitness is life changing.  If you are a true fitness junkie, being ACTIVE is part of your life. 

Its a Life Style.

Going to the gym, running around the neighborhood, watching what you eat from time to time is not something you stress over.  It is something that comes natural to you.  Was it easy for you to get to this point?  NOPE.  Its takes time and it is earned.  Is it worth it once you get there.  Yup.  You have a sense of pride about the fact you can run, do push ups, situps, squats, pull ups, etc... and believe me its ok to smile and pat yourself on the back because you earned every bit of it.

Choose fitness as a way of life.  Be active.  Get off the couch and stop living off of status updates, tweets, picture post, and you tube videos.  I mean really who wants their epitaph to read, "Here lies Steve McAlister.  He was one hell of an internet warrior."

How do you look, feel and perform shouldn't stress you out.  You can ask yourself those questions daily or maybe every 3-5 days.  Its normal because its all a part of the lifestyle you were born to live.

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