Tuesday, June 5, 2012


"Little Black Book"

You know what I love about boot camp?  Everything!  I could go on and on about it so to keep this short I will give you a brief history of how we started it and also my top 5 favorite things about boot camp!

Humble Beginnings

Kellar and I started our first Boot Camp over three years ago.  We met our class at the Wesley walking track just off of HWY 98.  If I remember correctly we started with around 8-10 people.  The cost of the camp was very affordable: FREE$$$!

We had ZERO equipment but what we lacked in equipment we made up for in enthusiasm and creativity.  We used everything around us during our little workouts and ended up growing our camp up to 20ppl.  It was very very very fun!

Today we have 4 Boot Camp coaches and some awesome camps starting up.  We will only host 5-6 camps per year and spots are limited.  If you are interested check out this link: BOOTCAMP

  1. Weight Loss.  So far the record during one of our camps is 31lbs.  UNREAL
  2. Life changing.  Go to our success stories page a almost all of them started in boot camp.
  3. Accountability.  Camps are small and allow for our coaches to keep you motivated
  4. Performance.  We have campers that can't run 100yrds when they begin and runs miles at the end!
  5. FUN!  Whats not fun about losing an average of 12lbs, lowering your cholesterol, learning healthy eating habits and gaining confidence?  

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