Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Muscle Time

So, the workout yesterday was awesome... different but awesome!

Please take complete advantage of the workouts where we slow things down and practice skills and strength exercises!

Over the next few weeks we will begin to introduce a few more strength workouts per week.

So what does that exactly mean?  We will turn the clock off, slow things down and encourage you to put a little more weight on the bar.  In my opinion,  strength is the glass that everything else gets poured into. 

I wanna use myself as an example.  Years ago I can remember when I thought I was big stuff for dead lifting 290lbs x 6 reps.  I walked out of the Wellness Center chest puffed up, smile on my face etc...  However,  I was humbled when I got home and realized that 290x6 was NOOOOT good for guys my size and my age.  So when any type of pulling exercise came up in a workout I slowed down dramatically because I just wasn't that strong pulling weight off the ground.

Now lets fast forward a few years (a few years of learning, consistently weight lifting, tons a trial and error)- I now can dead lift more than 400lbs.  So if any type of pulling movement comes up in real life or in a workout I have tons more confidence.  I know I can do it and heck its sorta cool to be able to pick up 4-hundo!

I am confident that after our focus on strength work you guys will also reap the benefits of being stronger!  Cheers to getting SWOLE!

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