Friday, April 6, 2012

Coach's Challenge

Hey peeps!  We have a very last minute and unexpected Venue change for the challenge.  I know its 9:37pm the night before the challenge but we could not help it... SORRY GUYS.  Here is the low down!

Only Competitors will meet at the gym at 8am for a standards meeting and weigh in.  So if you plan to spectate do not come to the gym at 8am.  (if you have little ones that want to ride with you to the gym at 8am that is fine, we just do not want 100ppl showing up at the gym for no reason!!!)

Venue Change:  After the weigh in we will carpool to Presbyterian Christian High School.  Map and directions to follow.  But we will be in a carpool so don't stress.  There is a running track around the back of the property so travel around back and meet at the track.  Tell all spectators 8:45am at PCS TRACK!

Lastly-  We will be in the sun for 2hours.  Bring sunscreen, a pop up tent if you want to, chairs to sit in, food and snacks in case you get hungry!  Prepare for a full day!!!

Here is the link:,+Hattiesburg,+MS+39401&hl=en&ll=31.302462,-89.364853&spn=0.085657,0.154324&sll=31.307005,-89.356185&sspn=0.085653,0.154324&geocode=FYvE3QEdOb6r-g%3BFfRu3QEdXzGt-ikfcQFUw92ciDFy3RoIBwChqA&oq=48&mra=dme&mrsp=0&sz=13&t=m&z=13

601.554.6254 is my phone number so if you need me call me!

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