Sunday, April 8, 2012

Coach's Challenge recap


 It all started over 6 weeks ago.  Michael, Nathan and I really wanted to do another challenge before I shipped off on my honey moon, got married, etc...  so we started tossing some ideas around and the coaches challenge was born.

We really didn't want to do another "weight loss" challenge.  We wanted to do something performance focused.  We did weight and measure folks and for challenge members who are reading this, prizes and awards for weight loss are still to be handed out.

I called my brother Sam and asked him if he would be willing to shoot a promo video for the launch of the coaches challenge.  Being my brother he had to say yes... So Mike, Nathan and I got together with Sam on a sunday and the #areyouready video was born.

Next we held an email sign up for the event... we sold out our 30 spots in less than 2min.

Next we held a lottery style draft at the gym.  If you missed out tooooo bad because it was lively!

After we had our teams drafted the coaches took over issuing homework assignments and challenges to their teams.  One "flash" challenge was issued to the entire group of contestants: 100 burpees!  We also held a Mock Challenge night at the gym.  The energy that night was amazing... I didn't think it could be topped.  I would be proved wrong later...

The entire 6 weeks led up to this past Saturday.  I barely slept Friday night.  With the last second venue change and expecting 30 or so spectators for the event it would be an understatement to say that I was nervous/excited.  Needless to say, I thought the event went off pretty well and that everyone had a great time... The End.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!  That was the best day in Versus history!

One thing, among many, that amazed me was how everyone who competed pushed themselves to another level.  You can not imitate game day in my opinion.  We try to push you guys as hard as possible in the gym on a weekly basis but man did you guys ever step it up on Game Day!  I couldn't believe how fast and intense you guys were moving.  UNBELIEVABLE.

One other thing that I was proud of was our community.  While events were going on everyone was cheering for everyone, opposing teams were yelling for their fellow competitors and good sportsmanship was all over the place.  I am so glad that God has blessed us and surrounded us with "good people".  All of you guys truly are a blessing!  Our comradery, community and sense of family, I think, sets us apart from anywhere else.  You guys are to thank for that.

Hopefully we can create another challenge like this one... In my humble opinion this one will be hard to top!  So, who wants to sign up for the next one?  

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