Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Boot Camp Make Over

What up what up!!!

Great job on the workout today!  All classes did an amazing job.  I am also very proud of you guys for having good attendance during spring break.  Keep it up!

Got some cool info headed your way:

1.  Our Warrior Dash Prep Course started tonight with a tester workout.  These folks will be ready for the Warrior Dash, got money on it.

2.  We have a Brand New Boot Camp starting April 2nd.  Bellegrass Boot Camp has been created for out early birds.  It starts at 5:45am and will kick your butt plus get you to work on time!

3.  Coach Nathan has two Boot Camps starting back up March 20th-May 10th.  One camp is at 6am and the other is 6pm.  Both of these camps have some special attendees: 

The 6am class holds a man who has lost 27lbs in 6weeks... 27lbs almost eclipses Coach Michael's record of 31lbs in 8weeks #realtalk

The 6pm class holds a man who lost 21lbs in 8weeks.  #gameface

If you know of anyone who would benefit from a Boot Camp let us know.  All of our Boot Campers are freaking awesome hard working folks.  They start with Boot Camp and usually end up as one of our Success Stories.

Spread the word!!!

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