Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sacred Heart Soccer

Sacred Heart Soccer

 This photo was taken during one of the hottest months of our Mississippi summer.  Sacred Heart Varsity soccer team came to Versus Strength and Conditioning for a summer conditioning camp.
When the kids first reported to camp you could sense a little apprehension in the air.  They didn't really know what to expect and as coaches we didn't either.  We didn't know what type of kids we were getting.  Were they hard workers?  Were they guys that took the easy way out?

Answer: Hard Workers

The workouts and agility drills that we threw at these guys were hard ( 2 mile run with 100 ring rows, 200 push ups and 300 squats).  The heat was even "harder" (100 plus degrees).  They persevered through those hot summer months and finished strong!  As coaches we were very proud of our guys.

How would our camp translate into their season?  Would the hard work and nutritional advice we gave these guys pay off in any way?

Tonight Sacred Heart won their south state championship game.  Hard work does pay off.
Congratulations South State Champions... but you better believe the job is not done.

"State Champions" has a better ring to it.

*if you are interested in a enrolling in a strength and conditioning camp this summer let us know*

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