Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How to lose 10lbs in 8weeks

Boot Camp.

Our average client loses 10-12lbs in 8weeks.  Yeah Yeah Yeah... those are just numbers.  I need more than that.  I need a change.

10 - 12lbs are numbers, you're right but what I'm saying is this:  In 8 weeks time you will be able to fit into those jeans that have eluded you in the past.  You will get compliments from people like, "How much weight have you lost?"  "You look great, what are you doing?"

You will no longer be embarrassed about not being able to do a situp.
You will not get out of breath walking up a flight of stairs.
You will look in the mirror and be proud of yourself.

Our boot camp instructors will give you a plan.  They will motivate you while you are reaching for your goals.  They will help keep you accountable via text messages and emails while you are outside the gym.

Quit making excuses and saying, "I'll do it tomorrow."  Call and sign up today.

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