Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year

Have you made a resolution?  Have you already forgotten about it or given up on it?  Change is hard.

Your body enjoys the path you have it on right now.  You've been making the same choices every day, almost like you are cruising on auto pilot.  Think about a huge 747 being on auto pilot moving at 900 miles per hour... what would it take to make that big sucker pull a 180?

I'm suggesting one little change.  Its easy to make small changes than large ones (think banking that 747 1 degree instead of doing a barrel roll).

Change for this week:  Come to the gym at least three times this week.

Most people are still sluggish from eating all the terrible food over the holidays.  Some of you guys still have holiday weight to lose.  We have been crushing some serious workouts lately that have averaged burning over 600 calories per workout... Now why wouldn't you want to come and get an estimated 1800 calories burned?

Make a small change.

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