Thursday, September 29, 2011

You've gotta start somewhere...

I bet this guy woke up one day and started knocking out one handed pull up/jump things.... Yeah right.

I would clown on this guy for the pants he's wearing but the dude is probably as strong as an orangutang and very capable of handling himself.  So to you Mr. Pants Man, you keep on keeping on.

So how in the heck do you do jumping one fingered pull ups?

Step 1.  Wear Killer pajama pants.

Step 2.  Listen to slow relaxing music

Thats it.  Presto.  Jumping one handed pull ups.

There is no "magic bullet" or over night pill you can take to get amazing results like Mr. Pants Man.  Mainstream media and ad companies will tell you different though...  They will come out with a pill, or a door gym contraption that will Guarantee one finger jumping pull ups in 90 days.  BS.

If you want to accomplish amazing things you must be consistent.  If you want to accomplish amazing things you must make small gains.  If you want to accomplish amazing things you have to be a mental monster!

If you scour back through history and start examining the traits of amazing people you will find these common traits:

1. Consistent
2. Perseverance
3. Positive/Confident

Take these 3 traits and ask yourself: Do I apply these in my life?  Do apply these to my goals, dreams and aspirations?  Or are you still waiting on the magic bullet... the quick fix...

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