Thursday, September 1, 2011

2 Years

Well we made it.  I never imagined when I ordered our first piece of equipment that we would actually make it as a business past a few days.  I am a huge Debbie Downer when I first begin something.  But after we opened on day one... I just knew things were going to be different.
Brody on top of our first order of equipment

Here is a little history on where we started:  Versus actually didn't start in the little warehouse where we are now.  Kellar had a Boot Camp class that met at Wesley Medical walking track 2 times a week.  Those 10-15 boot campers were the first actual members!  To you guys and gals, I can not thank you enough for sticking with us at the beginning when we didn't have any equipment and didn't even have a building!  Thank you!

While I was still working at smoothie king (off the clock Travis) I drove around looking for buildings that would be suitable for our type of gym.  We finally found our little warehouse on Liberty Place.
When I walked into the building in August and immediately began to sweat, I knew we were in the right spot.  It was covered in dust, had crazy looking walls that gave people the feel that we are sponsored by Lowes and concrete floors.  HOME!

We had to do a little remodeling at first.  By little I mean we had to take out an entire office wall, keep it intact and place back where it came from.  Paint the Floor (thanks marc).  Rip up some angle iron (thanks MMT).  Replace all the outlets and install some new ones (thanks tyler, dad and papa).  Paint (thanks Kellar).
moving the office wall
So, once we had all the cosmetic stuff finished, I mean because the gym looks like a pig with lip stick right now, we were ready to invite some of our friends in to work out.  I say friends because, I didn't want to invite the Public because, well... really... if anyone died in the first few weeks it'd be bad for business.  Friends don't sue you when they are dead and they usually die at home after the workout is over (its a pride thing), not actually strapped in the rower in front of potential clients.  Fortunately, everyone that came loved it!  Word spread that we had a fun atmosphere with great supportive people to train with.  Our membership went from 10-15 to 30-40 people pretty quick.

At first I would meet people at the gym whenever they wanted.  But after we got 30-40 people we started to offer time slots to attend classes.  My first real class was 6am.  You guys and gals are true warriors.  I do not know how you get up and put on the performances you do at 6am.  And you do it with great attitudes!  I always get motivation from you guys.  The second class time we had nailed down was 9am.  Holy hand grenade batman.  All I will say is this... you are my "favorite class."  Finally we have the afternoon crew. You guys have been with us forever!  I can not thank you enough for sticking with me.  You guys are like family to us.  THANK YOU.

lots of concrete and new pullup bars
Now back to present day... We now have 2 quasi employees ( I don't want to call them employees because they are much more than that), over 150 members, boot camps, team conditioning programs and one on one client training!  All of that in two years!  We are currently working on our own TV station, Pony farm, and world take over, but hey that stuff takes time.

Again, none of this would be possible without you guys.  I thank the Lord all the time for you guys.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  Here is to another 2 years or 20!

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