Wednesday, September 28, 2011


What is up Versus Community?

We are quickly approaching the holidays!  Can you guys believe it is almost October?  It seems like yesterday it was 100 degrees and only July 1st.  TIME FLYS!

You guys have made it through the roughest part of our Versus schedule.  Pat yourself on the back for sticking it out during the summer months.

Like I said, the holidays are upon us.  During this time of year the majority of people are busy with events, family, etc...  It is hard to stay on track with all tons of distractions out there.  So... we have decided to throw our First Ever Fall Challenge.  The challenge will being in the middle of October and last until the week of thanksgiving.

The Challenge (yet to be named) will have different incentives associated with it.  For example:  If weight loss is your goal, there will be a weight loss component.  If getting stronger is your goal, there will be a "getting stronger" component.  If just over all cardio and boot camp style workouts fit you best and you want to test yourself, there will be a caveat for that as well.  This challenge is for everyone at the gym.  I know that some folks are competing in the mighty magnolia triathlon in a few weeks time.  We also have members who love to run 5k's to get a free tee shirt.  But we have some of you guys who've never signed up for anything in your life.  Well guess what?  Let our fall challenge be your the first thing that you have ever trained for in your life!  Make it your goal to lose weight, get stronger, or perform better than you ever have before.  Really... what do you stand to lose by signing up?  I mean, aaaaaaallllll the cool kids are doing it!

Ok, so lets get real.  When you do sign up, you need to set a goal.  How do you set a goal?  Do you just speak it aloud and let it drift off into the cosmos?  Do you just constantly think about it all day until it drives you insane?  Negative ghost rider!  Lets cover some basics on setting a goal and then accomplishing it.

1.  Have you caught yourself looking at people around the gym and saying, "Dude, she has lost a lot of weight" or "When did he ditch the band and start doing pull ups without it" or " Shooooooot, she has gotten soooo much faster at running/rowing".  If you haven't then you need to take a look around the gym.  "These people" are successful in my opinion because they get real.  Whats real?  Lets look at it this way.

If you are watching a nascar race on tv and suddenly have the urge to win the Daytona 500 and you say to yourself, "Self (insert your name here), my goal is to win the Daytona 500.

Goal: Win the Daytona 500

Problem with that: You have never been over 80mph, this is the first nascar race you've seen and you thought the Pepsi 400 was an AMRAP of how many soft drinks you could drink in 400minutes.

Result:  You are stuck racing on Xbox or the in the arcade because you didn't take the steps to get where you needed to be.  You did not get real.

Goal: Lose 5% body fat in 8 weeks.

Problem with that:  You get your workout in but when you leave the gym all you want to do is have a "few glasses" of wine and maybe a tablespoon ( lets see how much I can balance on this spoon) of peanut butter before bedtime.

Result:  You follow me?

If you are focused on your goal and are willing to get real... success is the only option.  You will do what it takes.  Period.  Adjust your behavior to fit into the requirements of your goal.  If your goal requires you do not drink alcohol, adjust.  If your goal requires that you run or ride on your off days from the gym, adjust.  Make things happen!  Do not be a victim!  Do Not Be a : I hope person.  I hope to make a million dollars one day.  I hope to dead lift 400lbs.  I hope to run a marathon.  I hope to learn spanish.  Hope without action is futile.

2.  Goals need to measurable.  Luckily the Fall Challenge has got this one solved for you.  There will be a start date and an end date.  There will also be other ways to track progress i.e. strength, performance, etc...

3.  Remember this:  SMART GOALS

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely.  All Goals need to fit this criteria.

This is a long post that barely scratches the surface of Goal setting.  I hope this helps and be ready for more information on the fall challenge!

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