Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I only take in 1200 calories!

The following conversation and food journal is real... the names have been changed to protect the innocent (I've always wanted to type that).

Here is what my day looks like:

Breakfast: Cappuccino and a small whole bran muffin

Snack: I'm at the office so I go to the vending machine and always get baked chips or low fat popcorn.  I usually get a diet drink of some sort as well.

Lunch:  I am so busy at work that I usually only have 30min or so to get lunch in!  So I usually skip it or get a little something and drink another diet soda of some sort to make sure I am getting enough liquids in.  But sometimes I get fast food (I know that's bad) or I have a huge sub with cheese and mayo and chips.

Dinner:  This is the only real meal I have time to actually get in.  By the time i get home from work, plus doing all the errands I have, I AM STARVING!  Pizza, spaghetti, grilled cheese sandwich, but I make sure to use low fat cheese and mayo on my sandwich.

So what gives?  I did not include all of the food that this person eats however if you do all the math on the calories that she takes in it adds up to around 1200-1300 calories... She should be dropping tons of weight right?


The little bit of calories that she is taking in are all "Insulin Spiking" foods.  The hormone insulin promotes the storing of all this stuff that she is taking in... she isn't releasing/burning much if any at all.  So very plainly said, this person has become a professional "Fat Trapper" instead of a fat burner.  What has made this person a pro fat trapper?  The life saving  hormone Insulin!  What makes insulin the Big Dawg life changer:  It's ability or rather your body's ability to either store or burn (manage) glucose/sugar.  When we take in sooo much bad food (food that is high in the wrong type of carbohydrate/ bread/ potatoes etc...) insulin has to work overtime to regulate glucose levels.  If it doesn't regulate glucose, glucose remains in the blood stream and boys and girls we don't want glucose in the blood stream in massive amounts.  So how does the body get rid of too much glucose?  It stores it as fat.  The body is super super smart and instead of leaving glucose in the blood stream causing sure death, it converts it to triglyceride (fat) which is very easy to store.  So two types of things can happen over time: 1.  You will continue to get fat if you continue to eat high sugar foods or tons of food that can be turned into sugar (breads, pasta, rice, potatoes).  2.  Your pancreas is the organ that makes insulin to deal with the excess amount of glucose in your blood.  If you keep asking your pancreas to make these massive amounts of insulin... over time it will raise the white flag of surrender and yell, "I QUIT."  Whats the result of this rebellion?  Type 2 Diabetes.

So in short:  to remain healthy, wealthy and wise:  eat more veggies, more meat and you'll be the most awesome-ist person in the world!

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