Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fighting Like A Girl

Thank you Rick Ross.

-Been a very busy past few days!  The gym has been buzzing with energy and excitement every class period!  Keep it up guys and gals!  Honestly speaking, I am a the type of gym owner that loves to have a crowd of folks coming in everyday.  At other gyms most owners hope and pray you keep paying your membership but they really don't care if you show up or not.


You are what makes the gym fun.  You are what makes the gym more than just a gym.  You guys make it a community.  For example: Haley Ross has been a member of Versus for almost a year.  Most of you guys and girls in the afternoon classes know her and know about the current hardship her family is facing.  Haley's niece (Riley Kate) is 4 years old and is fighting a brain tumor.  Haley is selling tee shirts to raise a few extra funds for any expenses insurance may not cover.  I am proud to say that many of you guys have already made a donation. 

Now, about 6 years ago I went to another gym in Hattiesburg.  I went at the same time about 3-4 times a week.  The same people were in there almost every time.  I never knew one of their names.  I referred to them as, "the dude with the red ipod, the girl with the book, and the old guy."  Honestly, I am not really sure if we ever said more than a few words to one another.

I am GLAD we know one another.  I am glad most of you guys get together outside of the gym for social events.  I am glad you guys are not scared to support one another.  If you see a new face at the gym, welcome them.  Oh and if you want to buy a "Fighting like a Girl" tee shirt.  Talk to me!

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