Friday, August 15, 2014

Competitors List

Whats up guys and gals?  Here is the complete competitor list.  I might be missing one of you guys on there.  If I am, I apologize.

When you sent in your tee shirt size and what division you were in we made a list.  That determined the order you see here.  It is completely random.

Event 1 is the Thruster Ladder.  However you place in Event 1 will determine in what order you go in other events.

The gym will open tomorrow at 7am.  The Scaled Women will go first in Event 1 at 8am sharp.  RX Females will go next and RX guys will go last.

I will give detailed instruction and Demo of each event before you perform it.  


This is a charity event.  We want this to be fun and competitive.  Judging won't be absolutely perfect just as all of your reps won't be perfect.  We will also try to have you guys done with the competition by 1pm.  Q-Doba mexican Grill stepped up and provided everyone with a Meal Deal Card for a discounted lunch.

Lastly,  I want to personally thank you for signing up.  We want to continue to host events in the future, so I hope this is the first of many to come.  The charity you guys are supporting is The Field House.  They are a local charity so check them out on facebook if you have time.


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