Friday, July 25, 2014

Throw down Events

Event 1: Pure Strength 

Thruster Ladder-  30 second to complete each bar. 

Women Scaled weights- 35,45,55,65,75,85,95,105
Women RX-65,75,85,95,115,125,135
Men Scaled- same as women RX
Men RX- 115,135,155,175,185,195,205,225

Tie Breaker is Amrap deadlift at the weight on which you fail.  So if a Male Rx athlete fails at the 175 bar he can AMRAP deadlift 175 until his minute is over.
If any athlete in.  The bar must be held over head in a fully locked out position for an out loud 2 second.  The judge must say "good lift" for the rep to count.  The bar must pass through a full squat and end up locked out over head for the rep to count.
Estimated Time for Event: @25 Mins

Event 2- 1 Century, 2 Century, 3 Century

100 pull up
200 kbs
300 Double Unders

This workout may be split up by the team mates in any way they see fit.  However, they must complete the pull ups before moving to the kbs, and must complete the kbs before moving to the double under.  Pull up standards are as follows:  arms must be fully locked out at the bottom range of motion and chin must fully pass bar height.  Anything close will not count.  KBS standards are as follows: The kettlebell must be swung to shoulder height (russian swing).  Anything below shoulder height will result in a "no rep".  Double Under standards: Rope must pass under feet twice.  No singles or attempted double unders will be counted.

Scaled Women- Ring Rows, 25lb kbs, and singles 600reps
Scaled Men- Ring Rows, 35lb kbs, and singles 600reps
RX Women- Pull ups, 35lb kbs, and 300 doubles or 900 singles (both partners must do either singles or doubles.  No mixing of doubles and singles)
RX Men- Pull ups, 53lb kbs, and 300 doubles or 900 singles.
Estimated Time for Event: 60 Mins

Event 3- Cake Walk

3 rounds per person

10 wall ball
10 burpee (hop onto 45lb plate)
80 yard prowler push (high handle 40yrds and low handle 40yards)

Scaled women- 8lb wall ball to 8 foot target, Burpee to 45lb plate, prowler push with 20lbs of added weight
Scaled Men- 12lb wall ball to 10ft target, Burpee to 45lb plate, prowler push with 50lbs of added weight 
RX Women- 14lb wall ball to 8 ft target, Burpee to 45lb plate, prowler push with 50lbs of added weight
RX Men- 20lb wall ball to 10ft target, Burpee to 2 45lb plates, prowler push with 90lbs of added weight
Estimated Time for Event: 90 Mins

Event 4- Krebs Relay

1mile Run
2000m Row
1mile Run

Athletes must run 200m in a relay format until 1600m is completed.  Once 1600m is complete the athletes can move on to the rower to complete the 2000m Row.  The row must be done in 500m increments.  After 2000m row is complete the athletes may move onto the last mile run.  Athletes must run 200m in relay format until 1600m is completed.
Estimated Time for Event: 50 Mins

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