Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Big MO

What is the Big Mo?


From time to time you lose MO.  What do you do to get Big Mo back?  Hopefully this blog post will help you.

I've lost Mo before.  Yup, its happened to me.  I compromised,  I settled and the status quo seemed like the road less traveled.  I woke up one morning and I was 230lbs.  HELLO SEXY!  Put a mullet on me, give me a tattoo, slap a killer mustache on me and buddy I'd be your redneck Romeo in a heart beat.  On the outside I was ready to party, but on the inside... Lets be honest,

- I was UNHAPPY.

My ah-ha moment happened when I ran up my apartment stairs... about 15 of them and I was GASSED.  Now lets get something clear, I had plenty of opportunities before this ah-ha moment to get back on track.  What did I do with these moments???  I ignored them or came up with excuses...

-Dude, I haven't played basketball in years.
-I already have a gym membership
-I'm broke (but some how I had enough money to get Raisin Canes and beer about 3 times a week)
-I'm sorta intimidated to workout with folks who have been doing that stuff for a long time.
-I'm not doing it.

Sound familiar.

So what did I do to get back on the path?

First,  I looked in the mirror- that hurt.  Second,  I remembered the stair case run- that hurt.  Third,  if I needed anymore MO, I motivated myself with anything I could think of:

1.  I read self help books.  I listened to motivational speakers.  I watched awesome motivational movies (300, Gladiator, Fight Club, Patriot etc...).  If you surround yourself with people that believe you CAN'T lose.
2.  I surrounded myself with positive people that would support me.  Lets face it folks, people hate change.  They really do. 

If you don't change that = sameness. 

Sameness = Security. 

So, Sally Sue that sits in the cubicle next to you doesn't want you to lose weight because she doesn't want any pressure on her.  How will the people in the office react to Sally is you lose weight?

Lets flip this for a second.  What if you drank all the time?  You do to the bar and sit with that same folks every day at happy hour, drowning you sorrows. ---SNAP---- One day you decide that you don't want to leave the legacy of burnt cigarette butts and empty beer bottles to your kids and you change.  You stop going to the bar.  Do you think for one minute your buddies will support you change?  HELL NO.  You changing points out the flaw that they need to change... it challenges their security.

I say all this for one reason:  Surround yourself with positive people.

3.  I sprung into action.  I found a plan that I thought worked and went for it.  Whatever it is, pick it and stick with it...  the worst plan is to change plans about 100 times and realize you haven't made any progress due to paralysis by analysis!

4.  Be relentless.  What is relentlessness??  Remember Jason from Friday the 13th???  You could run from the guy and he would walk and STILL "walk you down".  Shoot the guy, electrocute the guy, run him over, tar and feather him... it didn't matter.  YOU CAN'T STOP HIM.  Get the picture?  With whatever you do be relentless... 

Motivate yourself, surround yourself with positive people and then spring into action!  With these 3 things:  Be Relentless!!


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