Thursday, September 27, 2012

What are you selling?

When you meet someone new, do you look them in eye?  Or do you look at their hand and then off to the side somewhere?  What are you selling?  You are Selling Shy.

When you start something new do you say things like, "I can't, I won't, this is hard, I quit."
What are you selling?  You are selling Negativity.  Where is that going to get you?

Be careful about what type of merchandise you are selling.  If you continually sell the previously mentioned type of attitudes.... buddy.... you will not be successful.

You can not spend time on the negative things in life.  You must spend time on the POSITIVE things in life.  Focus on your goals and think about what you are trying to accomplish EXAMPLE:  I want stronger arms!  Ask yourself, are you doing pushups to the standard or are you still getting away with the easy ones?  Are you doing extra arm work on your own?  Focusing on the positive will get you results.

DO NOT FOCUS on what you CAN NOT control.  Sell success, develop a positive attitude, don't let outside forces mess with your mindset.

So what are you selling?  Are you investing your time in selling positive or are you spending time on selling negative?  Keep Grinding!!!

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