Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Last Boot Camp of the Year...

Question:  "Have you had a long history of failure when it comes to exercise/fitness?"

  • I lost 20lbs this time last year but now I've put 40lbs back on!
  • I do really well with my diet at first but I can never stick to it.
  • I've always wanted to run a 5k but can't find the motivation to get it done.
  • I had a great New Years resolution focused on fitness but maybe next year is my year.
  • I just can't do it.

Do any of these comments sound familiar?

Its totally OK if they do.

At Versus Strength and Conditioning we have had tons of clients enter our gym saying the very things listed above.  Over a short amount of time we take these clients and turn them into Athletes.  Their history of failure with exercise comes to a screeching halt and we show them how to: get it done, this is your year, you CAN do it.

So... I guess the question is, "How do we get these people to change?"

On Saturday September the 22nd at Versus S&C gym at 10am, we will host our last Boot Camp Town Hall Meeting of the year.  At the Town Hall Meeting you will learn what Boot Camp is about, you'll be able to meet your coaches and have a chance to sign up, plus participate in a brief Q&A session.  You will get to experience just a small part of what our community is all about and see our first step toward change.

Do You Bootcamp? from Sam McAlister on Vimeo.

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