Thursday, July 19, 2012

Why Versus Boot Camp?

If you are like me, you ask why a lot.

I analyze things too much in my opinion.  I really don't know why I do it, but I have always weighed the options out and tried to assess the outcome of my decisions before I make them.  The problem with my constant analysis is... Paralysis.

You can miss out on tons of cool stuff when you suffer from paralysis by analysis.  For example: Sky Diving.  You can imagine the laundry list of Pros and Cons I could come up with.  For starters,  how about the parachute not opening?

However, when I encounter a situation that is Win Win, I blindly jump in!  I think Versus Boot Camp is a Win Win situation!  But I'm not going to give you a list of Pros and Cons.  Instead I'll let you read what some of our Boot Campers have to say about Coach Nathan's camp at Thames Elementary.

Andrea and Jennifer
 I signed up for Versus Boot Camp after much encouragement from my husband who is a member at Versus.  I saw how much he enjoyed the workouts and he has had great results but I always said it was not for me.  My daughter was 14 months old and I knew it was time to lose the baby weight.  I tried several times to start a diet and exercise but lacked the motivation to stick to it.  As my daughter became more active, I was finding it harder to keep up with her physically.  I was worn out at the end of the day.  I had frequent headaches and rarely had any energy.  I would always eat whatever was easy and fast which was usually “fast food”.  I would always tell myself, “I’ll start my diet on Monday”, but deep down I thought it was so much easier to be unhealthy.

I have lost 15 pounds in six weeks.  On the first day of boot camp I could not run 100 meters without stopping.  I can now run half a mile without stopping and I actually enjoy just going for a run.  My endurance and strength has increased and I feel like I can accomplish anything if I just work hard.  I never thought that I would be able to complete any of the workouts, much less enjoy it.  I now know I can complete the workouts and I have more self confidence than ever!  Bootcamp has definitely improved my family life.  My husband and I enjoy telling each other what the workout was like at Bootcamp or the gym.  We can actually work out together now.  I have more energy to play with my little girl even after a long day at work.  I feel better than I ever have.  I am so proud of my self for sticking to the diet and being consistent with the workouts.  I pushed my self every week to make it further than I had the previous class. 


 I joined Versus Bootcamp mainly for weight loss and to get my high blood pressure under control.  I needed help and motivation to workout consistently so that my health would improve.  I also wanted to challenge myself to make healthy nutritional choices.

Prior to Bootcamp I lacked motivation to lose weight.  I felt there was nothing else I could try so I decided to work hard for the 6 weeks as a last chance.  Physically I would tire doing simple tasks and could only work out for about 25 minutes total.

In six weeks I have lost 16 pounds, drastically lowered my blood pressure, increased my endurance and my overall energy level has improved.  I am actually able to jog whereas before I never did any running.  I now enjoy challenging workouts which is shocking.  Mentally I never saw myself as someone who could follow a strict eating plan and do this level of exercise.  Challenging myself has improved my career tremendously.  I get more accomplished at work simply because I have more energy.  Lastly, my family has noticed the positive change in my mood and attitude.  They have started to pay attention to what they eat and exercise as well!

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