Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Walking Dead

Kellar and I watch The Walking Dead.  If you don't like zombies and a little bit of violence I would not recommend watching this series.  However,  you can ask any of my close friends this, "Is Steve a survivalist that preps for the worst case scenario?"  The answer will be YES.  So when we watch the show I'm always saying stuff like, "Where do they get all their food?  Dude, I'd totally set up a huge fort and not let anyone come in and be my own type of Jeremiah Johnson."

Back to more fitness talk... Could you rely on your fitness to help you in the pending zombie apocalypse?  Could you run to help someone?  Could you climb a tree if you needed to?  Could you carry heavy stuff a long way?  I hope we have prepared you for the Zombie infestation, and if you don't feel prepared... Train Harder!

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