Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sweet Emotion

So Kellar and I just got back from our honey moon.  Go to Cabo...  it was amazing.  We laid out at the pool, had some adult beverages, hiked in the mountains, went out in the pacific ocean etc etc etc.  We had a great time.

However, every other day we would call my brother Sam (he was house sitting for us) and ask him how Brody was doing.

This is Brody aka Brodyman!
Brody has a huuuuge problem when kellar goes out of town.  He goes on what we call a hunger strike.  He will not touch his dog food at all.  The only thing he will even look at is bacon.  I can hear some of you in the blogger audience now, "Aww that is so sweet!  He misses his mama!"

And its true!  The little guy gets all emotional, so emotional that he will not touch his food.  He doesn't want to play, he mopes around a lot and always gets excited when he hears the door open (because he thinks its kellar returning home).  Sweeeeeeet Emoooootion!

Do emotions really have that much control over us?  You betcha they do.  I can remember hearing on the biggest loser on almost every episode, "Don't get stressed, it will mess you up at the weigh in."

Stress is a powerful emotion.  I once asked a Dr about his opinion on stress and what it does to your body.  His short answer was this:  Your hypothalamus is in charge of sending hormones where they need to go (cortisol, estrogen and testosterone).  If you have waaaay too much stress in your life your body pumps out an extra amount of cortisol and smaller amount of E and T.  Cortisol is like the Fight or Flight hormone.  Your body is thinking, "Hey buddy- I'm fighting to stay alive right now because I am stressed ouuut!!  There is no time for fun hormones like E and T its time to stay alive and function."  So again, it makes cortisol.  Cortisol will not help you lose weight according to the Dr I talked to.  Google Cortisol and do some research on your own.

When life gets to be too much and you lose sleep, don't eat, stress out, reach the end of your rope and feel like you are in a rut, sit back and breathe.  Think about little old Brodyman and how much he misses his mama!  He misses her so much he throws his entire puppy life out of order.  Do Not Let that happen to you.  Stay the course, don't stress, have a cheat day, do something fun for yourself, and believe that "the kellar you are waiting on to come home" will be there before you know it and that everything is ooooook!

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