Monday, February 20, 2012

How to get Ripped

How do you get ripped?

Here is my short list of answers!
  1. Compliance
  2. Consistency
I rarely write meal plans for people simply because they will not stick with it.  I will spend 14+ hours jotting down breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, optional snacks, safe fast food meals, when to cheat, how to cheat etc... only to find out once I printed the list out and handed it over to you, you threw it away.

IMHO there was some huge value on that piece of paper I gave to you.  Value like: losing 30lbs, getting shredded for your beach trip, gaining confidence, kicking type 2 diabetes... so why throw it away?


Some folks have what I would like to call a compliance issue.  A compliance issue is usually coupled with an expectations issue.  For instance:  I will not comply with the meal plan that you have given me but I expect to get all of the results from said meal plan.  TAH-DAH!!!  Makes sense right?

Or try this one on for size:  I will not comply to your 3 day a week policy.  I will come 1 day a week, but I expect the results from the 3-day a week program.  DING DING!  Awesome!

Ask yourself this: Do you have a compliance issue?  If so how do you go about fixing it? 

Fixers:  1.Set your clothes out the night before so when it comes time to go to the gym you will be ready!  2. Bulk Cook on Sunday!  Bulk cooking will at least get you through Wednesday with good healthy meals!  3.  Have a gym partner!  Accountability is huge!  Clear the path to your goal.  Give yourself only one option... success

The last issue when it comes to getting ripped is consistency.

I use this analogy with clients all the time:

Picture a train in the station.  The smoke is crawling out of the smoke stack toward the sky.  All of the passengers have climbed aboard and waiting to leave the station.  The engineer gives the signal to start the engine.  The train creeps forward...
How long does it take for the train to reach any amount of speed?  A really long time!!  But once the train gets to full speed how long does it take to slow it down?  A really long time!!  So, at the beginning of your journey to rippedness you must have patience and comply with the program... believe that you are creeping forward.  Keep making the right decisions and believe that you will gain speed.  Once you are at full speed NO ONE can stop you!

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