Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nice Quote

You can’t focus on weight loss – that’s not something you can control. What you CAN control is the PROCESS. Your choices. And enough good ones built up over time will lead you to your goals. Work hard and accomplish the healthy behaviors, let the rest fall into place.  -Precision Nutrition

Have you ever tried to work your way through a problem without success?  Lets take a look at a bucket list goal of mine: Speaking Spanish!  

I do want to speak spanish!  Buuuuut...  Spanish is hard!  I took it in high school and failed.  I mean, its a whole freaking other language!  When would I ever really use it?

Before you know it I have talked myself out of being able to speak another language.  I looked at the BIG picture, the result and it looked too hard and it freaked me out.  It looked to hard, to time consuming etc...  Not healthy goal smashing behaviors if you ask me...

If you always look at the results and never focus on the PROCESS you'll stay at step one and never make it to the end.

If I really wanted to speak Spanish I would start with something easy: Order some flash cards, watch something like espn in spanish and leave on the subtitles on or pick up a spanish speaking cd and listen to it on the way to the gym every day... something small and then practice it every day.

If you really want to lose weight or put on muscle or run a marathon or a 5k start with something small.  Start with something you can control!  You can control all of your choices (eating more vegetables than grains, drinking water instead of soft drinks, eat more lean cuts of meat instead of processed meat).  And like the quote says, enough good choices over time WILL lead to your goals.


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