Tuesday, November 29, 2011

And the Winners are....

Drum Roll Please!!!!

Dudes Division

Weight Loss Winner: Dr. Henderson lost a total of 8.06% of his body weight!

Clean and Jerk Winner:  Chris Knight increased his Clean and Jerk by 22.22%

Workout Winner:  Chris Roberts increased his workout by 28.41%

Overall Workout Winner with highest score:  Christ Knight

Awesome Job Guys!!!

Chick Division

Weight Loss Winner:  Jeri Krebs lost a total of 9.72% of her body weight

Clean and Jerk Winner:  Lindsey Maddox increased her clean and jerk by 40%

Workout Winner:  Morgan Ford increased her workout by 26.25%

Overall Workout Winner with highest score:  Bry Thomes

Awesome Job Ladies!

Recap:  Our First Challenge was a huge success.  At the very least the folks who signed up had a fun time.... Right?  Almost every person in the competition improved their workout score.  I was super excited to see that outcome!  Around 70 of you guys signed up for the pageant with about 55 of you staying in it and weighing in.  55 weighed in and we lost over 200lbs as a group!  Again I was super excited about that stat!

I enjoyed looking at all of the black books over the past 5 weeks.  These little black books gave us a glimpse into your lives and dude... what INTERESTING lives you lead.  If the black books showed you anything it was that consistency eating awesome foods is the ONLY key when it comes to dieting.  If you eat correctly during the week and then mess up friday night, all day saturday and all day sunday you will not have success.  If you think eating chicken (the fried variety) is healthy... well we steered you in the right direction.  Two things we found in common with the majority of the blacks books was this:  1.  Lack of protein.  2.  Lack of green vegetables!  Lean meats and tons of veggies is the key to the majority of all the successful diets on the planet and those were the two main things lacking in our black books.  I encourage all of you to continue writing in your black books until you run out of room.  Continue to bring them to the gym and we will help steer you in the right direction.
 If you missed coming to the gym as much as you wanted to during the Pageant then I encourage you to get on top of your attendance.  The magic amount of time a week for an awesome weight loss effect is: 5hours.  If you are not getting 5 hours a week in the gym then take 2 extra hours a week outside the gym and do some interval cardio.  Need some suggestions?  ASK US!  Or take advantage of one of our Free Saturday Workouts... They are fun and loaded with Cardio.

To all of you who signed up:  THANK YOU!  You made our first fall challenge a success.  Because of you, we will hold many more challenges:  individual and TEAM!  If you did not win anything, do not be upset.  We almost had ties in every category!  And in my Book... which is what counts anyways right?... you are ALL WINNERS!

To all of our winners:  Thank you!  But know this...  Like I said above the numbers were so close we had to add them up a few times just to make sure you guys were in the lead.  Keep up the hard work, Keep good attitudes and remember Fitness is all about the journey.  Journey onward my friends!


PS:  We will award prizes very soon.  We are still collecting them from a few local businesses and selecting what winners will get what prizes.  Be patient and get ready for some prizes!

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