Tuesday, March 5, 2024


 Happy Monday Versus Fam! Take a few minutes to read what is going on at Versus:


Landon and Ellen Frazier are having a baby! The 5am class surprised them with an awesome baby shower. Congratulations Landon and Ellen!


The women's soccer team at Sumrall High school won the state championship in soccer recently! We have a few clients on that team and we also have a coach that has been providing a weightlifting program for the team all season long... Nathan Day! Congrats on the big win Bobcats!


William Carey Women's soccer team dropped in for a week worth of workouts. We had a blast hosting them!

IAV 2024 wrapped up a few weekends ago and it was awesome. Be on the lookout for a few post dedicated to the goals that were smashed during IAV.

Friday Night Lights is ROCKING!!!! Teams have been drafted, the first workout is done and we are ready for workout number 2!  Buckle up for 2 more fun workouts on Friday nights at Versus.

Meet Coach Mary Godbold:


We are delighted to shine the spotlight on Coach Mary Godbold, a dedicated member of our Versus family. Mary joined us in 2013, right after graduating from college, in search of a way to stay active as she transitioned into adulthood. Little did she know that Versus would become more than just a gym – it would become a community she would come to love.

Mary's passion for fitness and the supportive community at Versus motivated her to join our coaching staff in 2019. She takes immense joy in helping our clients feel their best and achieve their health and fitness goals. Her commitment to tailoring workouts for all ages and skill levels truly embodies the inclusive spirit of Versus Gym. Be sure to say hi to Mary the next time you're in the gym and let her passion for fitness and progress inspire you!


A Tip from the Pros: Prioritize Mobility with Dr. Kelly Starett

 Dr. Starett, renowned for his expertise in movement and mobility, emphasizes the role it plays in enhancing performance, preventing injuries, and optimizing recovery.

To help you get started, here are links to three of Dr. Kelly Starett's top stretches:

  1. Hip Opener Stretch
  2. Shoulder Mobility Drill
  3. Ankle Mobility Exercise

We encourage you to incorporate these stretches into your warm-up or cooldown.

Thank you for being an essential part of Versus. We're here to support you, and we can't wait to see you at the gym!

Have a great week!


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