Tuesday, December 27, 2016

IAV 2017

Are you ready to jump start your New Year?  IAV 2017 is the best way to do it.  Here is what's in store:

  • Homework assignments (scored for points)
  • Re-test workout (scored for improvement)
  • Gym membership boosted to unlimited for 6 weeks***
  • Free T-Shirt!
  • Six Cash Prizes
  • Tester Workout
We listened to you and made some changes to the IAV Challenge. This year IAV will be more performance based! You will still have nutritional guidelines to follow and your coach will check in on you, but the food log is optional this year. What isn't optional is the homework assignments and flash challenges. 

Here is how you can win: Overall Points scored, Percentage of Weight Loss, and Best Performance.
If you are a gym member, you can sign up for this challenge. If you are a veteran and need a push, sign up. If you are new and want to challenge yourself, sign up. Ask some of the participants from last year. This challenge rocks! Need more info? Ask a Coach!  SIGN UP HERE

The Details:

6 Week Challenge:Open to 75 athletes (current clients at Versus Indoor and Outdoor.)
Cost: $95 a person
Kick Off & Benchmark Location: Versus Gym in Oak GroveScaled to ALL LEVELS of Fitness – no experience necessary!

The Challenge Includes:

Tester Workout
Weekly Homework
Optional Food Log Review
Nutrition Seminar
Team Accountability* 
Workouts with your team/coach
A Challenge T-Shirt

Dates You Need to Know: 

Friday, January 20th: Registration closesSaturday, 
January 28th: Tester WorkoutFriday, 
January 27th : Challenge T-Shirt Size DeadlineTuesday, 
January 31st: Make Up WorkoutSaturday, 
February 18th: Nutrition WorkshopSaturday, 
March 4th: Finale Retest Workout

Challenge FAQs:

What are the additional (at home) workouts like?  The workouts will focus on strength, endurance, and body weight resistance workouts. These are scalable to all levels.

What if I already train 5 days a week, is this challenge for me?  That depends – do you want to reach your goals FASTER? Then, YES!

How do I know which workouts to take on?  Your assigned coach will help you through all workout questions.

I can’t make the benchmark day, can I still take on the challenge?  YES! We have a scheduled make-up benchmark date. If you cannot make the make-up benchmark date your I Am Versus coach will schedule a time with you.

I just started Versus, can I take this challenge on?  Absolutely. In fact, we recommend it. Athletes of all levels take on this challenge and everyone gets results.


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